Richard Beltran for City Council
Beltran for City Council

Richard Beltran for City Council
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With 37 years of residency, 22 years of financial experience and 11 years of financial management experience, Richard believes he has both an in-depth understanding of the 
city and the skills needed to provide real solutions.

Public Safety

  • Support our Police and Fire and provide the staffing, resources and training needed to protect Montclair.
  • Examine Police and Fire staffing requirements that would best serve the community and avoid excessive overtime, which is costly to the city and hard on personnel.
  • Enhance safety around Montclair schools

Economic Development

  • Encourage existing business to expand and be pro-active in attracting new companies to grow jobs and city revenues.
  • Offer a flexible business licensing process for attracting new businesses.
  • Allow more latitude in sign/banner/business flag permits for marketing current and new enterprises.
  • Incorporate project labor agreements with strong local hiring provisions in city public works projects
  • Provide incentives for companies that manufacture and hire locally.
  • Ensure that Montclair gets its fair share of state and federal funding for education, infrastructure and high-tech ventures.
  • Establish a Montclair Metrolink station on the under-utilized Riverside Line in the south end of the city.

Enhanced Public Services

  • Establish partnerships with schools, businesses and nonprofits to add after-school recreation and arts programs.
  • Expand services of Youth Center to include programs that provide job-readiness, mentoring and internships.
  • Better utilize city land to offer more green spaces, hiking trails and recreational areas.
  • Support affordable housing projects to help families and add construction jobs.
  • Enhance services of the Senior Center to encourage healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Provide accountable, responsive government and maintain an open-door policy for all residents and business owners.
  • Establish a new Montclair venue for visual and performing arts promotion