Richard Beltran for City Council
Beltran for City Council

Richard Beltran for City Council
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Richard BeltranA Montclair resident for 37 years with 22 years of city financial experience (11 of those in management, becoming the Assistant Financial Director), Richard Beltran has a long-term investment in helping Montclair realize its full potential. Richard believes that sound financial policy should translate into enhanced public services that improve people’s daily lives.

Richard currently works as a financial consultant.  As a consultant, Richard helped the City of San Jacinto receive the city's first special recognition: Meritorious Operating Budgeting award from the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers’ Association. His previous finance position was with the City of Montclair for 21 years where he worked his way up in the ranks from accountant to assistant finance director. Richard holds a B.S. in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic, Pomona.

As your councilman, Richard will use his two decades of financial experience to ensure that Montclair City Council provides responsible, accountable government delivering quality vital services in a cost-effective, courteous manner. He believes in hearing all sides and drawing consensus, to treating all residents with respect.

Keeping families safe will be Richard’s top priority and he will work diligently to make sure the city has the necessary resources to have the staffing and resources needed to protect our city.

Richard’s proven financial management skills will be an asset in helping Montclair find ways to encourage business growth, add jobs and enhance city services. He will also strengthen after-school programs for our youth, enhance safety around Montclair schools, add more senior activities and promote more recreational areas to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Richard's parents have lived in Montclair for over 40 years. Prior to their retirement, Richard's father was a highly respected and recognized correctional officer in the Department of Corrections where he worked for 25 years and his mother was a highly respected Lanterman Development Center psychiatric technician for 17 years. His parents are very actively involved at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church.

As a single dad raising two daughters and becoming the grandfather of seven with two great-grandchildren, Richard has a very personal stake in Montclair’s future prosperity, in striving to enhance our quality of life.